Personal Finance and Paperless Document Storage with doxo

The head of nearly every household struggles to keep the household finances straight and pay all the bills on time every month. This is the very reason why personal finance apps like doxo were even created in the first place. The doxo system is no scam; it was created and the company founded in Seattle by a number of idea people and venture capitalists, including Amazon’s mastermind, Jeff Bezos and his firm, Bezos Expeditions, as a way to help make it easier for ordinary people to keep track of their bills, pay them and to reduce the resultant clutter.

A decade later, millions of consumers now use doxo as a way to pay all their bills and also to keep copies of everything, including bills, invoices and other important documents in a virtual file cabinet. Their mobile app and everything else about the service is free, which means users can manage their bills, pay them and track their expenses, all in one convenient place. Their “doxoPAY” feature allows users to set up and pay all their bills from a single account, with one username and password.

Thee days, doxo has millions of users now, and tens of thousands of companies have signed on to accept bills paid on the system. They are in virtually every area of commerce, including utilities, telecoms, healthcare, banking and insurance, among others. They also get to pay their bulls via computer or laptop from home, or they can pay using their phone or tablet when they’re on the road. They also get to set up automatic payments, and they can even do things such as set limits, so that a bill with a surprise will be less of a bad surprise. That’s no scam.